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Dying 2 Know

Client: Techland S.A.

Virtual Production,

We would like to present to you a project
that we are hyped about, very much- the
series of episodes of Dying 2 Know

From Techland, a worldwide AAA game developer and publisher, officially launching their long awaited campaign for Dying Light 2. The game has reached a wide, international, gaming audience as one of the most original games in the industry. When we approached the production of the whole series of behind the scenes of the game production videos we also developed unique ideas connected with the activation known as Dying 2 Know.

At Enginious, we created Unreal Engine, CGI, real-time
rendered environments and animations (3D & motion
design) based on assets provided from Techland. Everything
was a part of a virtual production set.

We recreated the whole district of Villedor city where the game is set. It is a massive urban open world in European style. It took us 4 weeks to prepare this big enviro made of abandoned buildings, plants growing on the roofs, lost cars, smoke and fire effects and all the other details of the apocalypse world.

Together with over 50 crew members we produced 3 episodes, 30 minutes each during demanding but satisfying 3 days of tests and 3 days of shooting.

We also used our own Mo-Sys camera tracking
system attached to a techno crane.


Virtual Production: Enginious
Executive Producer: Piotr Kocel
Creative Director: Rafał Nagiecki
Producer: Ewa Pazera

Virtual Production Technician: Witold Muchowski
Virtual Production Technician: Michał Zboiński

LED Supplier: Visualsupport Michał Płócienniak
LED Support: Łukasz Borkowski

Unreal Engine Set Design:
Piotr Buczkowski
Mateusz Kozłowski
Grzegorz Zawiślak
Piotr Luziński

Offline, Color Grading, Sound Design Online:
Lunapark Motion Arts Collective

Creative Director: Łukasz Janas
Copywriter: Marta Szczechowska

Production: Graffiti Films
Producer: Kasia Macioł
Director: Pawel Fabjanski
DP: Mateusz Dziekoński
Production Design: Karolina Rączka

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Client: Enginious

Car Configurator

Born out of our love of all things Automotive
and our deep fascination with Epic’s Unreal
Engine – a small passion project we have been
working on.

Unreal Engine and 3D have a wide potential for automotive brands when it comes to prototyping, designing, accessorizing and fine tuning all the way with branded marketing at the top. We created a beautiful model of Audi and produced a video promoting our automotive car configurator project. We also designed and built a custom environment for this task. The project is created in Unreal Engine.

Live, online and fully customizable vehicle configurators
are rapidly taking over the automotive virtual sphere.
At Enginious we can gladly help with any comprehensive or
individual automotive needs. Concepting, 3D design, modeling,
texturing, including still and video production (virtual too)
and online car configurators.

Take a look!


Powered by: Unreal Engine

Director: Paweł Fabjański
Creative Director: Rafał Nagiecki
Lead Graphic Design: Dawid Deptuła
Producer: Ewa Pazera
Executive Producer: Piotr Kocel
Unreal Generalist/Finishing: Piotr Buczkowski – TATO

Unreal Generalist: Piotr Luziński
Unreal Artist: Michał Zboiński
3D Artist: Yaucheni Vashkevich
Unreal Developer Support: Witold Muchowski
Editing, Online: Paweł Samul
Color Correction: Piotr Nowicki – VEIN

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Dead End

Client: Netflix, Opus Film


We provided our virtual production services on
the set of “Dead End” Netflix’s tv series produced
by an Oscar winning Studio Opus Film.

We met all the official Netflix, virtual production requirements regarding the quality, resolution color depth, frames per second or Notch LC codec. We took care of image stabilization and color correction.

We used 4 LED, mobile walls each 6 x 3 meters big and 4K resolution with movable constructions to be able to achieve best looking reflections and artistic freedom for the DOP. We used Disguise D3 server for best playback control and on set correction.

We had 2 days of tests in Warsaw and
6 shooting days in Lodz. More than 50
people from all the departments on set
did a great job to provide over 20 minutes
of screen time of the series.

Check out the Enginious
Behind The Scenes Video.


Virtual Production – ENGINIOUS
Executive Virtual Production Producer – Piotr Kocel
Executive Virtual Production Producer – Rafał Nagiecki
Virtual Production Producer – Wojtek Markowski
Virtual Production Producer – Ewa Pazera
Previz – Witold Muchowski

LED Distributor, Visual support – Michał Płócienniak
Disguise Technician – Adam Skoczeń
Screen Technician – Grzegorz Salwiński
Screen Technician – Michał Fiołek
Screen Technician – Piotr Kucharski
Rigging Safety Technician – Krzysztof Fusiara

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The Witcher

Client: Spokko

The Witcher:
Monster Slayer

Based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s literature and the
CDProjekt games series, it was amazing to produce
a Live Action Trailer for the mobile game The Witcher: Monster Slayer.

We designed and built 5 CGI environments
and optimized them for the use in virtual
production using Unreal Engine.
We implemented CGI monsters into the environment.

We chose 10 by 5 meters LED walls with 2.6mm pixel pitch and the highest quality of color depth and refreshing Hz rate. Pushing things even farther we used techno-crane with motion tracking and adjusted the lights to the CGI enviros to achieve cinematic and

Together with almost 40 team members we produced the whole trailer in 2 days of shooting and 1 day of testing all in safe and comfortable conditions in a studio in Łódź, Poland.

We could change the set
design and virtual worlds quickly
to save time and budget.


Executive Producer: Piotr Kocel
Creative Director: Rafał Nagiecki
Producer: Ewa Pazera
Producer: Zuzanna Zdunek
Director: Pawel Swierczynski
Concept & Screenplay: Paweł Świerczyński
1st AD: Katarzyna Winecka
DP: Michał Pukowiec
1st AC: Sebastian Chyla
2nd AC: Sebastian Karczmarczyk
AC / DIT: Krzysztof Mocny
Ronin: Paweł Zapisek
Technocrane: Norbert Bernstock
Technocrane Assistant: Karol Ambroszczyk
Gaffer: Mariusz Ziandarski
Set Lighting Technician: Wojciech Ratajczak
Set Lighting Technician: Krzysztof Rychlik
Set Lighting Technician: Marcin Jaśczak
Runner: Piotr Kosmalski
Production Design: Iza Cieszko
Prop Master: Krzysztof Waligórski
Prop Assistant: Michał Trzeciak
Costumes: Karolina Droszcz
Makeup & Hair: Joanna Siwy
Set Manager: Paweł Zawierucha
Stagehand: Piotr Zalewski MASTER FILM
Stagehand: Paweł Sturlis MASTER FILM
Stagehand: Grzegorz Rusicki MASTER FILM
Location Manager: Paweł Dąbrowski
Fire Safety: Leszek Kucharski
Set Medic: Antoni Sławiński Med-Extreme
On-Set Editor: Jakub Jan Wiatrzyk
Producer’s Assistant: Weronika Podgórska
BTS: Maciej Stempij, Denny Schenk, Jakub Karaś

Weronika Lejza
Mateusz Kokodoko
Nicolas Ferreira
Ksenia Jankowska
Joanna Jesipowicz
Jakub Karaś
Jakub Kondrat
Ksenia Lis
Denny Schenk
Kacper Zalewski

Virtual Production: Enginious
Virtual Production Producer: Ewa Pazera
Virtual Production Technician: Witold Muchowski
Virtual Production Technician: Michal Zboinsky
LED Supplier: Visual support: Michał Płócienniak

3D Unreal Engine Set Design:

Piotr Buczkowski
Aleksander Majewski
Mateusz Kozłowski
Piotr Luziński
Postproduction Producer: Pawel Jermak
Offline Editor: Jan Jakub Wiatrzyk
VFX Supervisor: Pawel Swierczynski
3D Generalist: Jacek Domaradzki
3D Unreal Engine Artist: Piotr Luziński
Lead Compositing Artist: Lukasz Stolarski
VFX Artist: Przemysław Czapla
Color Grading: Michał Kowalski
Online: Pawel Jermak
Music: Piotr Adamczyk
Sound Design Mix: Rajmund Krakowski
VO: Borys Pugacz-Muraszkiewicz
VO Copywriter: Łukasz Ludkowski


Game Director, Board Member: Maciej Weiss
Video Editor Consultant: Aleksander Skweres
Marketing Producer: Jakub Bońkowski
Executive Producer: Mateusz Janczewski
Stage: Opus Film.

Camera & lighting equipment: ATM System Sp. z o.o.

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Client: Riot Games

3D, LED,
OOH Campaign

Being able to immerse Yourself in the
World of Arcane universe was an amazing experience.

The steampunk design of Piltover and the Mystery of Zaun. It is a world with unique depth and quality in every detail. Introducing this masterpiece to
the wider viewer – was a dream come true task.

Our task was to prepare several fully CGI videos for huge,
5K LED screens as part of the OOH campaign promoting Arcane Netflix Series.

At the very early stage, before we got any assets from the client
we were already able to show a quick previs we built in Unreal as a reference.

The biggest challenge was to stop inventing new stuff and start
bringing what is already on the table to life, so that the campaign
wouldn’t get jinxed.

We created 3d animated content
for 3 cities in the MENA region.


Enginious Team

Ewa Pazera – Lead Producer
Nadia Demenczuk – Project Coordinator
Ksenia Jankowska – Business Development Executive
Piotr Kocel – Co-Founder & Managing Director
Rafał Nagiecki – Co-Founder & Creative Director
Wojtek Markowski – Producer
Paweł Samul – Lead Compositing Artist
Michał Janusik – Concept Artist
Yauheni Vashkevich – Layout Artist
Dawid Deptuła – Head of Design
Kamil Bugno – Design Director
Michał Zboiński – Unreal Artist
Piotr Luziński – Unreal Artist
Sebastian Ordon – Modeler
Jacek Domaradzki – Unreal Artist
Witold Muchowski – Unreal Developer

Locomotive Team

Przemek Drosik – Producer
Anna Dragun – Producer

Riot Games Team

Anas al Hakim – Brand Manager / Riot Games
Karim Hachani – Head of Marketing / Riot Games