Client: Riot Games

3D, LED,
OOH Campaign

Being able to immerse Yourself in the
World of Arcane universe was an amazing experience.

The steampunk design of Piltover and the Mystery of Zaun. It is a world with unique depth and quality in every detail. Introducing this masterpiece to
the wider viewer – was a dream come true task.

Our task was to prepare several fully CGI videos for huge,
5K LED screens as part of the OOH campaign promoting Arcane Netflix Series.

At the very early stage, before we got any assets from the client
we were already able to show a quick previs we built in Unreal as a reference.

The biggest challenge was to stop inventing new stuff and start
bringing what is already on the table to life, so that the campaign
wouldn’t get jinxed.

We created 3d animated content
for 3 cities in the MENA region.


Enginious Team

Ewa Pazera – Lead Producer
Nadia Demenczuk – Project Coordinator
Ksenia Jankowska – Business Development Executive
Piotr Kocel – Co-Founder & Managing Director
Rafał Nagiecki – Co-Founder & Creative Director
Wojtek Markowski – Producer
Paweł Samul – Lead Compositing Artist
Michał Janusik – Concept Artist
Yauheni Vashkevich – Layout Artist
Dawid Deptuła – Head of Design
Kamil Bugno – Design Director
Michał Zboiński – Unreal Artist
Piotr Luziński – Unreal Artist
Sebastian Ordon – Modeler
Jacek Domaradzki – Unreal Artist
Witold Muchowski – Unreal Developer

Locomotive Team

Przemek Drosik – Producer
Anna Dragun – Producer

Riot Games Team

Anas al Hakim – Brand Manager / Riot Games
Karim Hachani – Head of Marketing / Riot Games