Client: Enginious

Car Configurator

Born out of our love of all things Automotive
and our deep fascination with Epic’s Unreal
Engine – a small passion project we have been
working on.

Unreal Engine and 3D have a wide potential for automotive brands when it comes to prototyping, designing, accessorizing and fine tuning all the way with branded marketing at the top. We created a beautiful model of Audi and produced a video promoting our automotive car configurator project. We also designed and built a custom environment for this task. The project is created in Unreal Engine.

Live, online and fully customizable vehicle configurators
are rapidly taking over the automotive virtual sphere.
At Enginious we can gladly help with any comprehensive or
individual automotive needs. Concepting, 3D design, modeling,
texturing, including still and video production (virtual too)
and online car configurators.

Take a look!


Powered by: Unreal Engine

Director: Paweł Fabjański
Creative Director: Rafał Nagiecki
Lead Graphic Design: Dawid Deptuła
Producer: Ewa Pazera
Executive Producer: Piotr Kocel
Unreal Generalist/Finishing: Piotr Buczkowski – TATO

Unreal Generalist: Piotr Luziński
Unreal Artist: Michał Zboiński
3D Artist: Yaucheni Vashkevich
Unreal Developer Support: Witold Muchowski
Editing, Online: Paweł Samul
Color Correction: Piotr Nowicki – VEIN