We have many projects in the
field of Virtual Production behind us.

Virtual production using the Mo-Sys tracking system
and Unreal Engine virtual environments.

Virtual production using the Disguise server with playback of
video files of the highest quality accepted by Netflix, ACES
color system.

Virtual production using the Stype tracking system with the
Vizart and Unreal Engine for Live Studio Streaming.

Virtual production with green screen and live
in camera VFX previs.

More than 200 square meters of LED walls
with a resolution of 2.6 mm

Mo-Sys Startracker and Stype Red Spy
camera tracking system

Nvidia Quadro 6000 cards, RTX, Disguise Servers.

Production quality at Netflix and HBO standard levels.

Reliable solutions to eliminate problems: moire, parallax, fps,
shutter, flicker, gen-lock, motion tracking limitations,
resolution, refresh rate, color depth, stable Unreal, scene
optimization, 4K frustum, lens and camera adjustment.

Virtual Humans Creation

Through the use of real-time graphics, recurrent neural networks and deep learning alongside state-of-the-art photogrammetry, we are completely redesigning the virtual human production pipeline to make it dramatically faster and highly cost-effective. Moreover, we create MetaHuman ChatBots based on AI with the use of voice and text recognition and classification algorithms. Our Avatars can recreate human interactions and help clients across different markets from education to retail.

Environments & 3D Assets

We create 3D computer-generated environments of photorealistic quality with attention to every detail. We have done environments and virtual backgrounds for brands such as The Witcher, Dying Light 2, Dark Stories or Kruk and Klangor. Thanks to the use of Unreal Engine and real-time rendering, each change of location or detail takes a moment. We create environments with the possibility of changing the weather or the time of day on the fly. Whether it’s assets for Virtual Production, Green Screen or VFX – we are ready to provide top quality.


We have vast experience in 3D Character Animation using our own equipment. We chose cutting-edge Xsens and Facewear Motion Capture systems. Whether you need subtle and finesse moves or fast and furious action of the CGI characters we have the equipment and know-how to achieve it with top quality and cost efficiency


Our tech team uses The ESPER LightCage for photogrammetry solutions. This is a State-of-the-Art Lighting System for Photorealistic 3D Face Scanning & Detailed Surface Texture Capture. It is the most advanced lighting system for 3D face scanning on the market. Transform the quality and efficiency of your 3D scanning with a lighting rig which enables the recovery of detailed surface texture data.


We have gained experience and knowledge in creating architecture, avatars, cgi content and gamification solutions in the Metaverse platforms. We know it is the future of marketing with so many digital events, transactions, investors and a growing cummunity. If you are looking for custom made solutions within the meta, crypto world just step in our office in Decentraland or meet us in Sandbox and we can guide you in this journey.

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