Client: Netflix, Opus Film


We provided our virtual production services on
the set of “Dead End” Netflix’s tv series produced
by an Oscar winning Studio Opus Film.

We met all the official Netflix, virtual production requirements regarding the quality, resolution color depth, frames per second or Notch LC codec. We took care of image stabilization and color correction.

We used 4 LED, mobile walls each 6 x 3 meters big and 4K resolution with movable constructions to be able to achieve best looking reflections and artistic freedom for the DOP. We used Disguise D3 server for best playback control and on set correction.

We had 2 days of tests in Warsaw and
6 shooting days in Lodz. More than 50
people from all the departments on set
did a great job to provide over 20 minutes
of screen time of the series.

Check out the Enginious
Behind The Scenes Video.


Virtual Production – ENGINIOUS
Executive Virtual Production Producer – Piotr Kocel
Executive Virtual Production Producer – Rafał Nagiecki
Virtual Production Producer – Wojtek Markowski
Virtual Production Producer – Ewa Pazera
Previz – Witold Muchowski

LED Distributor, Visual support – Michał Płócienniak
Disguise Technician – Adam Skoczeń
Screen Technician – Grzegorz Salwiński
Screen Technician – Michał Fiołek
Screen Technician – Piotr Kucharski
Rigging Safety Technician – Krzysztof Fusiara