Client: Techland S.A.

Virtual Production,

We would like to present to you a project
that we are hyped about, very much- the
series of episodes of Dying 2 Know

From Techland, a worldwide AAA game developer and publisher, officially launching their long awaited campaign for Dying Light 2. The game has reached a wide, international, gaming audience as one of the most original games in the industry. When we approached the production of the whole series of behind the scenes of the game production videos we also developed unique ideas connected with the activation known as Dying 2 Know.

At Enginious, we created Unreal Engine, CGI, real-time
rendered environments and animations (3D & motion
design) based on assets provided from Techland. Everything
was a part of a virtual production set.

We recreated the whole district of Villedor city where the game is set. It is a massive urban open world in European style. It took us 4 weeks to prepare this big enviro made of abandoned buildings, plants growing on the roofs, lost cars, smoke and fire effects and all the other details of the apocalypse world.

Together with over 50 crew members we produced 3 episodes, 30 minutes each during demanding but satisfying 3 days of tests and 3 days of shooting.

We also used our own Mo-Sys camera tracking
system attached to a techno crane.


Virtual Production: Enginious
Executive Producer: Piotr Kocel
Creative Director: Rafał Nagiecki
Producer: Ewa Pazera

Virtual Production Technician: Witold Muchowski
Virtual Production Technician: Michał Zboiński

LED Supplier: Visualsupport Michał Płócienniak
LED Support: Łukasz Borkowski

Unreal Engine Set Design:
Piotr Buczkowski
Mateusz Kozłowski
Grzegorz Zawiślak
Piotr Luziński

Offline, Color Grading, Sound Design Online:
Lunapark Motion Arts Collective

Creative Director: Łukasz Janas
Copywriter: Marta Szczechowska

Production: Graffiti Films
Producer: Kasia Macioł
Director: Pawel Fabjanski
DP: Mateusz Dziekoński
Production Design: Karolina Rączka