persona 3.0

Enginious is proud to be the
creator of the Virtual Humans
Project, which is co-funded
by NCBiR.

PERSONA 3.0 PLATFORM – an innovative,
automated, generator of photo-realistic
virtual humans based on machine learning


The main goal of the project is to build and publish ENGINOUS Virtual
Human platform which will automate, speed up and reduce the cost of the
process of generating virtual, high-quality characters thanks to a
combination of 3D graphics, visualization technologies and artificial intelligence algorithms.


The main features characterizing the platform are:

high level of quality / realism of virtual characters

high speed of generating virtual characters

complexity of generating virtual characters

reduced cost of generating virtual characters

The target product is targeted at 3 industries: gaming, film and advertising. On one side, the recipients of the solution will be computer game publishers, film studios, advertising agencies, which have their own conceptual and creative departments for building content for games, films, cinematics and advertisements.

On the other side, these are entities that, on a subcontract basis, provide specialized services for productions using virtual characters.

Project value:
PLN 10,277,065.81
European Funds Contribution:
PLN 7,879,705.34